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Slashed Tires

Slashed Tires is the ongoing musical endeavor of Seattle-based prodcuer Kenneth M. Piekarski. Classically trained in public school as a trumpet player in orchestra and marching band, Piekarski discontinued playing any instruments on a consistent or serious basis after graduating high school. Years' later, in 2009, the first Slashed Tires song to ever be created was Beach Ghost, comissioned by Pacific Northwest label Wizards of the Ghost. The following summer and fall of 2010 would see the release of PreMixes Vol. I and Weather (an extended Play). Two years later, in the winter of 2012, the "assure" EP would be released by Off Tempo as a limited release of recordings made in the summer and spring of 2011, displaying broad array of musical preference and style.

The music of Slashed Tires experiments with beats, textures, and feelings partially influenced by dance, funk, punk, jazz and improvisational music.

Zach Burba (iji) defines it within an independant genre of "TenseWave"


December 13th – with Thousand Statues, Freak Heat Waves, Health Problems at the Josephine (ask for location)


Kenneth sings very catchy couplet over a slippery R&B bassline and a very tiny little picked guitar line. He's presenting an offer to a lover, one which must surely include sunny, lazy days of just hanging out between the bedsheets: "Nothing will be done except for us/I've been dreaming about everything". Interrupting him before he can finish is guest vocalist Abi Swanson, who, without a doubt, must be accepting the offer. Her curling, reverbed vocals spiral around the rhythm and whisper in its ear. The rest of the record is streaming and I recommend you listen – there are many moments worth hearing.

– Ari Spool of IMPOSE Magazine (May 7th 2012)

Slahed Tires is the solo project of guitarist and producer Kenneth Piekarski, a Tri-Cities transplant who creates loop-based jams that, according to one concert review I found, are pretty cool to see live. On this EP, however, the songs are mixed bag of dub-influenced electronica and barely listenable noise-rock sludge that's "experimental" in the worst sense of the word. To wit: "Mull It Over" is a beat-heavy dance track that benefits from guest female vocals, while songs like "Sign" or "Display," the latter of which features some atonal trombone noodling two-thirds of the way through, lack direction or any sense of melody. Assure is a diversely textured listen, but it's often too formless and tuneless for its own good.

– Andrew Gospe of the Seattle Weekly (May 7th 2012)

"Seattle's Kenneth Piekarski, aka Slashed Tires, creates loops featuring tribal drumming, coy trumpet, dance melodies, echo, reverb and funky bass lines. He plays on the streets and broadcasts live music performances on his video series. He has a wild crop of curly hair and glasses that make his eyes larger than life. Ballew describes him as a clever, accomplished and odd experimenter. There's an improv jazz feel to what he's up to; kind of Beat mixed with noise rock. It might take some patience for those in love with verse-chorus-verse conventions, but as far as weird dudes go, he's authentic rather than pretentious."

– Erika Fredrickson of the Missoula Independent

“Kenneth is the hardest working man in show biz. He’s the closest thing the city has to Andy Kaufman.”

– Garrett Kelly of Hollow Earth Radio (via Line-Out comments)

"Last, guitarist Kenneth M. Piekarski, a tech multimedia wizard that goes by Slashed Tires, looped tunes and noises in a large shower down the hall, around the corner and through a small kitchen. Around 15 of us squeeze into the shower for his tensewave show, which while fascinating, went 12 minutes longer than I would have liked."

Ron Swarner of the Weekly Volcano

"These are some far out, dance tunes. This is the solo project of Kenneth Piekarski who is a Seattle-based programmer, radio dj, visual artist, musician, writer, video producer, audio engineer, teacher, community organizer, DIY promoter, and upstanding friend among other things. It's one man with a loop pedal, guitar, lots of percussion, and a trumpet. Think somewhere in the direction of Talking Heads."

Lost Sound Tapes (record label)

Photo by Clyde Petersen (http://doitforthegirls.com)
Slashed Tires | Photo by Clyde Petersen (http://doitforthegirls.com)
Photo by Clyde Petersen (http://doitforthegirls.com)
Slashed Tires | Photo by Clyde Petersen (http://doitforthegirls.com)
Photo by Clyde Petersen (http://doitforthegirls.com)
Slashed Tires | Photo by Clyde Petersen (http://doitforthegirls.com)
Photo by Clyde Petersen (http://doitforthegirls.com)
Slashed Tires | Photo by Clyde Petersen (http://doitforthegirls.com)
Photo by Clyde Petersen (http://doitforthegirls.com)
Slashed Tires | Photo by Clyde Petersen (http://doitforthegirls.com)

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